Blake Street Proston, saving small town Australia.
Proston Village Queensland – Saving rural Australia

Humble beginnings

Before we set about saving this iconic Australian town, Proston had a interesting history.
Named after a local leasehold, which was established in 1846. for the most part it is claimed the word Proston, was probably derived from the local indigenous Waka Waka tribes, word for the kurrajong tree.

Established after 1910, when the Queensland Government made a few hundred acres of the large Wigton property available for sale in smaller lots. The land was taken up by dairy farmers, and became a dairy centre. The now defunct butter factory is still a Proston landmark.

A poignant event that changed lives and our town forever

Our journey began with the formation of Proston Qld Ltd, a Not for Profit Community Group.
With a plan to raise funds to purchase seven shops in Proston’s Main Street. These shops were run down and for the most part vacant.

Kathy Duff, a Proston local, and Deputy Mayor of South Burnett Regional Council, came forward with an offer to donate the funds to the group.

These monies came from the estate of Kathy’s partner, Jamie Mackenzie, who tragically lost his life to suicide. Kathy saw this gesture as a way to leave a legacy in Jamie’s memory, and assist Proston, the little town that Jamie was also very fond of.

The shops are now owned by the Proston community and managed by Proston Qld Ltd. Referred to locally as Proston Village Community Group.

Saving rural Australia

We are now working hard to save this iconic rural Australian town, with a goal of attracting exciting and viable new business to Proston.

Therefore we need volunteers, donations of time and materials. Why not consider becoming a member of Proston Qld Ltd.

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Cr Kathy Duff

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